Had I been more organised when I was younger I might be eyeing retirement and trying to think of what to do with my time. As it is, I have a young child and a terrible habit of trying to fix things.
My shed contains computers and musical devices and sometimes they connect. Sometimes I even write things that connect them.
Came to the Internet as September started to last forever and I've been there ever since. Over time realised that I unwittingly used a diminishing number of websites and have made an effort to reconnect to the things that made it interesting in the first place such as ActivityPub and IndieWeb (I'm new to this, be kind).
I've done music all my life even if I don't let anyone hear it much and have a modest pile of hard and soft synths and finally switched to Linux to do it, as I understand that fairly well.
So there will be random stuff about stuff here, probably more than I've written for ages. I'm not sure why.